Matching Care Resources to Impacted Areas
The National Minority Quality Forum has developed a series of disease Atlases in keeping with its core vision “to eliminate health disparities through innovation, collaboration and evidence-based solutions.” These innovative internet-based disease atlases allow users to map disease incidence and prevalence, cost, outcomes, and multiple other variables at the zip-code-level. Atlases include, Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, HIV/AIDS, Peripheral Arterial Disease, Lung Cancer and the newest addition --methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) – also known as the “super bug.” These Web-based maps provide users with a visual reference source to assess the impact of disease nationally, by state, by congressional district, and by state legislative district. Each Atlas allows users, including public health professionals, policy-makers, community leaders and individuals to look at data in a compelling way that complements existing information and data on a particular disease.

Mapping diseases
For policy-makers and stakeholders, the atlases offer graphical displays of data that clearly shows geographic areas of impact, specific populations that are affected and an easy -to-understand way the impact of the disease in their jurisdiction or community so they can compare the impact of disease to other areas. The atlases provide a new way to look at data by layering in interactive features and illustrating data in a way that focuses on areas with the greatest need. The atlases were developed in close collaboration with George Washington University and utilize information and data from public databases and using propriety software. The maps are updated periodically as new data become available. The map projects are made possible through industry partnerships and are available to advocacy groups, policy makers, sponsoring organizations and individuals through a password-protected link from the Forum’s Web site.

Eliminating Health Disparities
The atlases are part of the Forum’s efforts to improve self-care, prevention, treatment, management, and monitoring and to eliminate health disparities and address the health care needs of the emerging majority. With an emphasis on utilizing data and the latest technology to understand and address health care issues, the Forum’s on the cutting edge of organizations pushing policy-makers and the medical community to look at and practice health care in a new, more data-driven manner. The present and future benefits of mapping diseases and other important, related information are more critical than ever in the effort to rein in rising health care costs.



The National Minority Quality Forum has developed the MRSA atlas to enable users to map MRSA prevalence based on the number of hospital discharges -- at the national, state, congressional and state legislative district level. The MRSA atlas can be used to raise awareness in high impact areas and tailor prevention and treatment efforts to that particular locale.

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